Cazel Industries, Plastic Injection, Car Industry, Industrial Processes, Machines, Mexico


Cazel Industries has design and simulation capabilities to develop new parts for automotive and household products. We have the appropriate hardware and software to meet the expectations of our customers in time, quality and cost.

The design of a new product starts with a specific need of our customers.

Our job is to provide effective solutions, quality, within adequate response time, and cost competitive, so once you have the concept of the product, the 3D model is developed and analyzed: emulating mechanical, thermal and functional conditions, reducing costs and time in making physical prototypes; all this thanks to the CAD and CAE capabilities available in our company.

  Thanks to our production capacity and the experience in the design, development and manufacture of plastic parts, our clients can provide high quality products to the end consumer with competitive prices and turnaround times appropriate to each project.

The products we make and our passion help to put the world in motion.