Cazel Industries, Plastic Injection, Car Industry, Industrial Processes, Machines, Mexico

Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained in over the past 50 years of our activity, along with innovative mindset and spirit of growth of a team devoted to their work, Cazel Industries occupies a leading position in Mexico and abroad thanks to its multiple exports.

Our company is known for being at the forefront of new technologies and the acquisition of machinery and latest equipment makes us highly competitive and highly adapted to the changing demands of the market. The increase in our production capacity has enabled us to progress and capture new business in a fast and efficient way, growing at a steady pace of 30 to 35% annually since 2009 to date.


Manufacturing plastic parts optimizing resources responsibly, through integrated and reliable systems, with a great team committed to continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence.


To be the leading supplier of plastic parts and to continue to offer the highest quality products in order to satisfy the needs of our customers and our environment.



In Cazel Industries, a company of injection, assembly, extrusion and thermoforming plastic parts, we are fully committed to working in a team, maintaining a Quality System, Safety, Health and Environmental Protection.

We believe in prevention of pollution at each of our system operations, applying continuous improvement and ensuring the health and safety of our workers and the manufacturing, storage and supply of products to our customers, thus meeting the requirements of quantity, quality and service.

This policy is set according to guidelines and in compliance with laws, regulations, rules and conventions applicable and is communicated to our employees, customers, suppliers and community.